Artist. Born 1977.
1996 Graduated in Fashion Design from Saitama prefectural Niiza Comprehensive Technical High School. Entered Tokyo University of the Arts, Dept. of Crafts.
2002 Started work as a designer in an apparel company once completing her Master’s in Fine Arts, majoring in dyeing and weaving.
2003 Re-enrolls into Tokyo University of the Arts for PhD.
2005 Invited by Culturefrance, then the AFAA (French Association for Artistic Action) of The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Resides and works in Cit
é Internationale des Arts.
2006, Dec. (Japan) Founds HIROCOLEDGE Co., Ltd. in order to create a company that manages Hiroko Takahashi.
2008, Mar. Completes PhD.
2013 Changes company name to TAKAHASHI HIROKO INC.


Patterns consisting of only circles and straight lines are the hallmarks of her work. Her undertaking of the concept to overturn fixed ideas and presumptions, to trigger contemplation, is an artwork in itself. She approaches her projects without being constrained by genre or medium. Such is ‘PORTRAIT’ a self-portrayed attempt to look at things from alternative perspectives. Also, ‘HIROCOLEDGE’ a project that takes into control all stages of a product being realised, from where the basic components are made, the people who craft it, all the way to where it is sold. In doing so, hoping to provoke the end-user as well as the market.


在学中の2005年、仏外務省AFAAの招聘により、パリ・CITE INTERNTIONALE DES ARTSに滞在し活動。





Activity intensions 活動の目的




Creating opportunities to break the stereotypes and assumptions of the everyday lifestyle, and to be able to view the nature of things.
Together with the people who are involved in creations that support the Japanese culture and lifestyle, She continues to create a vibe to the makers, sellers, users and also the marketplace by creations of the new generation.
For Japanese to be able to face the culture of their own country and to create next generations who will set out to the world with the pride of being Japanese through the recognition of the values lying behind the culture.

When I am creating, I focus on my role as a creator. Certainly, creation by ignoring the trends or market needs will not benefit the development of the economy; also the creation will be considered simply a product to fulfill designer´s egotism disregarding the consideration of continuity as a creator. However, there will be no market without any “creations”. Thus the thought is to create something of the times to inspire the society. In order to do this, activities are based on the idea to work close with the professional craftsmen or to be familiar with the techniques and understand the history or the meaning lying behind the “creation” itself to influence the creators through the careful observation of the cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, considering the “creations” generated by this process not only as products but also as the elements of presentations to carry out the intentions. Or alternatively to view the creations as materials; trying to explore various kinds of expression to provoke the imaginations towards the nature or background of the “creations”.








私がもの作りをする際、向いている方向は作り手側です。もちろん、使い手(消費者)に背を向け、流行や市場を無視してもの作りをすることは、経済の循環に加わることなく、作り手の継続性をも考えない自分本位なもの作りになって しまいますが、「もの」がなければ市場は生まれません。まずは、この時代だからこそ可能なもの作りをすることで、社会に刺激を与えたいと考えています。そのためにも、職人たちやその技法に寄り添い、歴史やその存在意義など、「もの」が持つ背景をしっかりと見つめ、作り手に影響していくことを念頭に活動しています。


The geometric patterns that Hiroko conjures up are made with limited elements of circles and lines. While it is her endeavor to find great possibilities within minimal elements, at the same time it is a metaphor for how one can live a gratifying life without asking for much, how one can enjoy the simple life without being wasteful. The ‘circle’ we have grown accustomed to, is a design motif used throughout time, beyond borders and cultures. The potential of such a ‘circle’ is immeasurable.


高橋理子が生み出す図柄は、すべて円と直線のみという限られた要素で構成されています。それは、最小限の要素で 大きな可能性を探る試みであると同時に、何でも手に入る時代において、多くを求めなくとも十分楽しく生きることが できるということ、そして、シンプルで無駄のない暮らしを楽しむということへのメタファーでもあります。私たちになじみ深い円は、地域や文化を超えて、いつの時代 にもデザインモチーフとして使われてきました。広く受け入れられてきた『円』の持つ可能性は、はかりしれません。


2017 どれも同じどれも違う展

2016 Pola Ginza 7th Anniversary By Takahasihiroko

2016 Renovation at Tokyu Plaza Ginza

2016 Renovation at Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

2014 Renovation at TAKAHASHIHIROKO Studio

2013 Effect -Le Bouleversement Des Manières De Penser-

2013 Overturning Fixed Ideas And Provoking New Ways Of Thinking.

2012 Takahashi Hiroko Solo Exhibition Singapore

2012 On Purpose

2011 Effect

2011 Monyo 文様

2010 On Purpose 2009 T.R.A.N.S.F.O.R.M.

2008 Black Kimonos

2007 Hirocoledge × Hida Omotesando